Jun 25

10 years and counting!

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Well, it’s been a very long time since and update has happened on the site. Thought I’d take a minute while my son is napping to give some details.

Evan is now 10, going on 11. He’s a beanstalk and will soon be taller than his parents, mom first, then dad. He’s just graduated from his school and will be starting the 6th grade soon. He goes about his day just like any other kid in the neighborhood, playing, falling, laughing.

He still makes a few trips a year back to UCLA for check up’s and testing, and all seems to be normal. You almost wouldn’t even know he’s had a liver when we’re at the beach, his scar is very faint. I didn’t heed the warning about not going in the sun, so mine is very much pink/red. Other than that, there’s not much else to tell. He’s happy, healthy and going about life like any kid should. Below is a picture from his last birthday, smiles and all.

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