Jul 09

Days …

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Sorry it’s been such a long time since an update on the little guy, I’ve been dealing with school and trying to wrap that loose end up.

Evan has gotten over the infection that he got. Also he’s able to sing along with the Twinkle Twinkle little star with some hand movements which is sweet. He knows how you identify your noes and eyes if you ask him. In all he is making some good progress, lets just hope the hospital visits are at a minimum from now on.

When I get a chance I will post some new images and video of the little guy.

Jun 02

Update of an Update

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Evan was taken back to UCLA again over the weekend due to a virus that he more than likely contracted during his last stay after surgery in which he contracted CDIFF (Clostridium difficile).

“is a species of bacteria of the genus Clostridium which are Gram-positive, anaerobic, spore-forming rods (bacillus).[1] C. difficile is the most significant cause of pseudomembranous colitis,[2] a severe infection of the colon, often after normal gut flora is eradicated by the use of antibiotics. Treatment is by stopping any antibiotics and commencing specific anticlostridial antibiotics”

He was released yesterday with medications after a long two weeks of plowing through the diapers, which is looking good for him now.

I have quite a few new pictures of the little guy which I will try and put up during the week sometime.

Apr 29

UCLA Update …

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“Evan continues to make great progress. He actually left his hospital room today and was taken for a ride in his sister’s stroller. He is now feeling well enough to enjoy all of the attention that is being showered upon him by the nurses, parents and grandparents. He is on a normal diet and is, of course, being given pretty much anything that he wants by several unnamed sources, which is ok. Considering what this kid has been through, he has entitled to some pampering.

We now believe that he will be discharged this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow or Thursday. It will be GREAT to have everyone home again. UCLA is wonderful but it ain’t like home.”

— Grandpa M. Holland —


Apr 28

Benign…. Woo Hoo

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The Lab results from Evan’s biopsy came back negative today! That’s good news, which means that he might be released within the next 4 days.

Pictures to come….

Apr 22

Back to UCLA …. again

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Evan went in to surgery around 2pm after a hold from a 12pm time. He had two nodules removed from the liver which ended up (so far as they can tell) being just extra liver cells that have clumped together. They are from first impression to be benign masses, but they are going to do further tests. The doctor said that they didn’t have to use cadaver abdominal muscles to close Evan because there was so much herniation that they had enough left to use his own, which isn’t normally the case.

“It was like Extreme Make Over, but with Evan” – Doctor

So in all they still have to do the testing on the lumps that were removed. It was a good thing I gave Evan an over sized liver piece, because they had to take a little with one of the nodules. We’re looking at a 10-14 day hospital stay depending, and then the physical recovery, which will be hard for Evan as he’s just turned 2 year’s old, but as big as some 3 and 4 year olds and he’s gonna want to move around!

So in all, a stressful day of stop and go with the appointment for surgery and waiting to find out the details. I did get to see them remove the catheter, brought back painful memories, blah…. but he’s humming and moaning and opening his eyes every so often which is good.

Feb 14

Back to UCLA …

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Evan had to go back to UCLA because he had a fever and some stool problems… poor guy.