Jun 25

10 years and counting!

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Well, it’s been a very long time since and update has happened on the site. Thought I’d take a minute while my son is napping to give some details.

Evan is now 10, going on 11. He’s a beanstalk and will soon be taller than his parents, mom first, then dad. He’s just graduated from his school and will be starting the 6th grade soon. He goes about his day just like any other kid in the neighborhood, playing, falling, laughing.

He still makes a few trips a year back to UCLA for check up’s and testing, and all seems to be normal. You almost wouldn’t even know he’s had a liver when we’re at the beach, his scar is very faint. I didn’t heed the warning about not going in the sun, so mine is very much pink/red. Other than that, there’s not much else to tell. He’s happy, healthy and going about life like any kid should. Below is a picture from his last birthday, smiles and all.

Jul 21


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It seems that even is still having some issues with a little bleeding and the doctors still don’t know what’s up. He’s been anemic and on iron supplements, but they have finally decided to have him scoped again to see if there is something new that they can find.

Never a fun time thinking of the little guy getting put under again, but hopefully this will be the last.

Be strong Evan!

Apr 07

man down.

Photos and updates are lacking… I take full responsibility for that, and in doing so I will treat myself to some new glass for the Canon 40d.  Steve when you gonna sell me your L-series 24-105mm ?

Then I will have the push to break out the big camera again and get some better shots of the little guy and his two sisters.

Oct 17

Liverfestivus is upon us!

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The other day I was eating dinner with the parents and a commercial came on for a local hospital.  One of the ladies had to get a liver transplant on the show, and they had mentioned that October was Liver Month, I had no idea it was.  Kind of a neat coincidence that Evan and I had surgery during liver month.

So with Liverfestivus around the corner on October 19th, we will gather once again to toast another year to family, friends and good health.

Some pictures ( I know, they are late) from memorial day when Evan and Sophia went to the San Luis Rey Mission to visit their Grandpa who served in the Pacific during World War II.

Oct 30

Recycle Me

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recyclemeNeat website, with some cool graphics and information about Organ Donation (for Canada) but either way, it’s a pretty sweet website.

Recycle Me – Website

Sep 19

Website update

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Pictures now show the comments at the bottom, as well as, a minor theme change because of some errors that I couldn’t fix.

I hope it’s a little simpler and cleaner to view.

Sep 17

5am wake up call

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Evan woke up yesterday at 5am crying in pain. He was given Tylenol, but the pain soon returned. After visiting one of the hospitals in San Diego, UCLA made it apparent that they wanted Evan to come up there for observation. The only thing that worries me personally is that none of his test’s in San Diego showed anything!?!

He has a reoccurring 103 degree fever, which isn’t good for someone that had an organ transplant. So for now, Ma and Pa are at UCLA with Evan and the rest of us are taking turns watching Evan’s little sister Sophia, till we get some new’s this morning after rounds are done.

I feel for Evan, and there’s good reason for that! But also the fact that I do not miss hospitals one bit, the smell, lighting, and dampness. But UCLA was a great hospital, and the staff are awesome (especially the children’s floor, they have some cute girls!).

Now for some sleep!

Edit 9/18/08