Apr 23

Just found the camera that was lost.

Dec 02

Evan Playing the Harmonica

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Little guy and his first time playing a harmonica.

Sep 16


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Sophia and Evan came over for dinner, and she couldn’t stop asking her dad for some corn that was on his plate. After a few failed attempts to steal daddy’s corn off his plate, Sophia got her own ear of corn and the rest is on video.

Oct 26

Evan Sounding Out Words

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Evan is making progress in his speaking. Here is a little video his dad with his blackberry, sorry for the quality, but it’s a camera phone!

Aug 13

Squealing Evan

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While babysitting a neighbors dog we found out that Evan likes to squeal quite loudly and chase the dog around the yard. Kinda cute the two of them chasing each other. Chloe the little puppy is a lot faster than Evan and can usually make three circles around him before he’s caught up to her!

Apr 23

Look How Far You’ve Come !

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Feb 14

Here are the really intense photo’s of the surgery as well as some post-op pictures of Evan and I till about 2 weeks after surgery. A description of the night and morning of can be found here Post-Operation