Apr 25

Turn Around…

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“After what I would characterize as the toughest night Evan has ever had in a hospital this evening has been a complete turn around.

Evan is no longer in pain and has rested comfortably most of the evening. He’s becoming more awake and aware of his surroundings – feeling his blanket, running his toes over the guard rail, feeling the bandage on his belly etc.

I wish I could say this equates to more sleep on “team UCLA’s” part but I’m too worried about him ripping the NG tube out of his nose (one of the lovely occurrences that happened last night) but I can’t complain. Lack of sleep to keep an eye on him is far better than lack of sleep and watching him in pain.”

– Evan’s Father

Apr 22

Back to UCLA …. again

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Evan went in to surgery around 2pm after a hold from a 12pm time. He had two nodules removed from the liver which ended up (so far as they can tell) being just extra liver cells that have clumped together. They are from first impression to be benign masses, but they are going to do further tests. The doctor said that they didn’t have to use cadaver abdominal muscles to close Evan because there was so much herniation that they had enough left to use his own, which isn’t normally the case.

“It was like Extreme Make Over, but with Evan” – Doctor

So in all they still have to do the testing on the lumps that were removed. It was a good thing I gave Evan an over sized liver piece, because they had to take a little with one of the nodules. We’re looking at a 10-14 day hospital stay depending, and then the physical recovery, which will be hard for Evan as he’s just turned 2 year’s old, but as big as some 3 and 4 year olds and he’s gonna want to move around!

So in all, a stressful day of stop and go with the appointment for surgery and waiting to find out the details. I did get to see them remove the catheter, brought back painful memories, blah…. but he’s humming and moaning and opening his eyes every so often which is good.

Apr 19

They have recently found two nodules around Evan’s liver. The test results from having a biopsy have come back inconclusive, so the next step is to have his chest cavity opened up again, because making a small incision is dangerous with him not having any abdominal muscles to hold everything in place and protect against the incision. So now he is home for the weekend and is scheduled to return to UCLA on Tuesday to go in for another major surgery in which the nodules will be removed, cadaver abdominal muscles will be grafted in so he won’t have the football stomach.

On top of that, Friday was his birthday. Evan’s a big 2 years old now. The best part about all this is that since the doctors scheduling didn’t work out that Evan got to celebrate his birthday and will be able to run around in the park for his party before he’s out of commission for a little while till his large incision heals and learns to use his abdominal muscles.

So Happy Birthday EVAN! Pictures to come after the party on Saturday.

Apr 06

Scan Shows Nodule … ?

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Evan’s most recent checkup showed that there was a nodule on his liver. They went back to check to see if it was on his and my scans post surgery, which it was not. After talking with UCLA the doctor said that if she was a betting woman that it wasn’t anything serious. Also the mother has one on her liver, so nodules might be not as dangerous as it first sounded. Reguardless they still want to do another liver biopsy just to make sure.

When the results come in I’ll update this post.